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Who We Are

Lincoln County is one of ten units of local government which has been designated by the Secretary of Energy as an affected unit of local government pursuant to the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as amended. The County is one of only three counties which the Secretary of Energy voluntarily designated as affected by repository activities. What was identified in the 1986 Yucca Mountain environmental assessment remains true today: Lincoln County is likely to serve as the gateway for most shipments of high-level radioactive wastes entering Nevada and destined for storage and disposal at the Nevada Test Site.

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What We Do

Since 1984, Lincoln County and the City of Caliente have monitored activities of the U.S. Department of Energy to evaluate Yucca Mountain as a site for locating a high-level radioactive waste repository. Funding for joint County and City repository oversight initiatives was provided initially by the State of Nevada. Since 1987, County and City efforts to monitor DOE activities have been supported by grants and direct payments from the federal government...


Our Team

Connie SimkinsProgram Coordinator

Elaine ZimmermanAssistant Coordinator